McCain camp supports freedom of press…kind of…

John McCain is a true American. A stalwart patriot. An admirable senator. A respectable man. A former POW. At times of convenience, he’s even a god-fearing Christian.

He is a lot of things. A lot of nouns and adjectives are readily employed to describe him, his track record, his wives, his many homes.

But it appears John McCain’s campaign is crapping on the United States Constitution – namely that blasted First Amendment that has spawned raging hemorrhoids in the anuses of tens of thousands of politicians and government officials throughout the years.

McCain campaign architect and on-again-off-again McCain employee, Steve Schmidt, is on the offensive. He’s pissed off. All 250 pounds of his bald-headed body is pissed off. And he’s gunning for the foremost beacon of American journalism – The New York Times.

“Whatever The New York Times once was, it is today not by any standard a journalistic organization,” Schmidt said. “It is a pro-Obama advocacy organization that every day impugns the McCain campaign, attacks Sen. McCain, attacks Gov. [Sarah] Palin.”

Schmidt also lambaste the Times for neglecting to ever sniff Obama’s sheets and exploit his shortcomings. However, the Times responded by citing 42 articles in which the newspaper had done just that in the past year.

Schmidt’s and McCain’s distaste for the Times isn’t a fresh revelation – the Times has been fucking up republicans’ weekends for decades – this just marks the latest installment of them crying foul on the Times to drum up political sympathy…political coinage.

McCain v Times has become Ali v Frazier shit…seems to happen all the time. But now it’s highly necessary. The White House depends on it.

Schmidt isn’t amplifying his negative opinions of the Times in hopes of merely diminishing the publication’s advertising revenue – something I’m sure he would drink 18 fingers of whiskey to – but to perpetuate the trite GOP technique of blaming liberal media to deflect attention from a fledgling campaign (or administration, in regards to those currently residing in the White House).

Little less than a month ago, the McCain camp was struggling to maintain. Gasping for breath. Praying for momentum. Wondering if anyone had paid the god damn power bill.

Then came the duchess of Wasilla. Indeed, the needed energy came in the form of an angelic and busty ass-thrasher named Sarah Palin.

But even her playboy shine couldn’t last forever. The world already proved Jenny McCarthy couldn’t act. It was only a matter of time until Palin stopped getting call-backs as well.

Now the McCain camp is fumbling the cumbersome task of protecting her from the venomous fangs of relentless news institutions. America’s curious minds. A task that’s nearly impossible, lest she be shackled up in a dark Alaskan cave until after the election……..hmm…….

The McCain campaign is scheming to achieve just that – win the election not on merits and qualifications, but an idea of an American woman, that if distorted would render the implosion of this already volatile campaign. If media cannot create a definitive depiction of Palin, then only a superficial, albeit beneficial, myth is on the ticket come November.

Dodging American media, no matter what your make of their political agenda, benefits no one outside the McCain campaign – the entire American society suffers.

But McCain-Palin should be wary. Reporters will find a story. If you won’t answer the questions, they will find someone who will. So rather than point fingers and accuse the Times of journalistic malpractice, why not step up to the podium and face the thousands of inquiries that will benefit the American people – even if it devastates the campaign. I would rather lose an election, than to……..

If McCain-Palin win the election on account of one scripted speech at the GOP National Convention, it will prove to be the darkest moment in American politics and media.

Yes, McCain and his camp are a lot of things. But are cowardice and conniving two of them?


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