Old video surfaces…Barack faces fraud charges

Corrupting the News…

Barack Obama might not be who he claims to be.

The junior senator from Illinois faces heated charges of false representation, after copies of a 1980s television commercial began surfacing earlier this week.

The conservative political action committee, Jesus for Freedom, claims the man of hope is actually a convicted felon named Alfonso Ribeiro, a former break dancing prodigy who made millions on his how-to dance video Breakin and Poppin’.

The Obama camp quickly denied these claims, calling them “egregious” and that “the individual in the commercial, Alfonso Ribeiro, is clearly Carlton from The Prince of Bel Air. There is no substantive evidence that Senator Obama is not who he says he is, or that he can even break dance. He’s actually stiff as a Viagra-fueled Johnson on the dance floor.”

Mr. Ribeiro’s office declined questioning, but released a statement that said, “Mr. Ribeiro is still the baddest muthafucka to ever throw down on the break dancing scene. His skills are undeniable, and that red leather jacket continues to get him laid to this day.”


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