Palin inspires…world leaders to build nucular weapons

Corrupting the News…

Sarah Palin has some crazy clout. The whole world watched the VP debate, and most folks licked their lips.

Some saw a leader. Some saw a strong woman. Some saw a luscious rack of wolf-slashing lamb. And then there were those who saw an inspiration.

Several world leaders said after the debate that Palin had completely transformed their mindset. Thanks to the moose-scalping mommy from Russia, err, Alaska, nuclear weapons have one foot out the door. Indeed, nukes are out like clean jeans.

Sarah Palin officially reigned in the dawning of a new era – the Nucular Era.

“When President Bush used to talk about nucular weapons, we just thought he was making shit up,” said Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “We used to say on poker nights, ‘Ah, that Bush could sell 10 billion dollars of ammo to an army with no guns.’ Oh, but that’s why he always won the money.”

But having watched Palin talk at length about the imminent dangers of nucular weapons, Ahmadinejad and others are now considering new avenues of terror.

“Nucuwar weapons are soooo hot right now – gimme, gimme, gimme,” said North Korean playboy, Kim Jung Il. “When Pawin winked at the tewevision, I said ‘Ahh, gimme nucuwar weapons and there’s gowing to be wots of troubo!'”

Now threatening leaders of volatile regimes are rushing to get their hands on nucular weapons. An endless stream of international phone calls are coming into the McCain-Palin headquarters, as aides struggle to keep up with the mass demand.

“They’re all callin’ up and askin’ about nucular weapons, and I just tell ’em ‘You’re darn right we got nucular weapons, we got ’em by the dozens,’ I mean hundreds,” Palin said.


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  1. SPP

    Hobbes: Do you think there’s a God? Calvin: Well, SOMEBODY’S out to get me.BillWattersonBill Watterson

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