Palin the Racist…Obama the Terrorist Lover

Corrupting the News…

Barack Obama has been keeping some bad company.

Sarah Palin intends to let the country know about it.

At a campaign stop in Florida today, Palin lambaste the democratic nominee, saying Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Franklin Raines and William Ayers are the least of his problems.

“I know for a fact, from what I’ve heard from people who know, that not only do O’bama and O’sama spend time together at Bin Laden’s cave, but O.J. Simpson threw a fundraiser for him in recent memory, of times not too long ago from today,” Palin said. “I don’t know about you, but that’s not the kind of guy I want to be president of America – a man who rolls with terrorists and Leslie Nielsen apologists.”

The Obama campaign responded swiftly, condemning the vice-presidential candidate’s comments as inherently racist.

“To claim any man who wears Burberry also spends time in caves is fucking ludicrous,” said Obama campaign adviser, Tyler Priori. “And I would really like to know what that snowmobiling bitch has against the Juice, because the dude did rush for 2,000 yards – and in only 14 games!”

The McCain-Palin camp refuted any claims of racism, saying in a released statement that, “Governor Palin knows and loves many people of color. She not only hired three black cooks at the governor’s mansion, but the snow removal crew was headed by an Eskimo.

And as for Senator McCain?

“President Bush clearly illustrated John McCain’s affinity for black people leading up to the South Carolina primary in 2000. The man can’t get enough of them.”


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