McCain the Nazi…Played integral role in Iran-Contra affair

Corrupting the News…

John McCain the Nazi sympathizer? Barack Obama thinks so.

The Obama camp reignited the conversation regarding McCain’s ties with an ultra-right-wing, pro-Nazi death squad involved in the Iran-Contra affair during the mid-1980s.

McCain and Bush Heil Hitler?

McCain and Bush Hail Hitler?

The move comes in response to Sarah Palin unleashing some savage witchery in Florida on Monday, condemning Obama for “palling around with terrorists” and “speaking too el-o-gently for a man of color.”

“You just don’t go there in American politics,” said Stevie Johns, an Obama spokesman. “If you can’t talk about your slutty daughter getting knocked up in high school, then how the hell are you gonna talk about Obama being a fucking terrorist? When she said that shit, we knew it was time to smack a bitch. That bitch, of course, being McCain. Not Palin, who…well, you get the point.”

McCain played the ignorance card when responding, saying that he “didn’t know whether the (U.S. Council For World Freedom’s) actions were legal or illegal,” but that he just “thought the Swastika tattoos were pretty neat.”

“I guess you could say I was a bit out of touch – he he he he he he,” McCain said amidst an insufferable spurt of awkward laughs. “Guess the liberals won’t be able to blame it on my age anymore.”

The U.S. Council For World Freedom funded covert arms shipments to the Contra Rebels, a mission funded with underground arms sales to Iran. However, McCain denies having knowledge of any wrongdoing.

“I didn’t know what was going on really, I just liked that my name was on their letterhead,” McCain said of his involvement with USCFWF. “I didn’t have many friends when I first came to Washington, and here was a group putting a hand out to a young congressman from Arizona. I wasn’t really a Nazi, but Hitler had always been a big inspiration for me. I’ve always kind of tried to emulate his demeanor. So I joined.”

Obama on his way to a 1968 bombing in Washington D.C.

Obama on his way to a 1968 bombing in Washington D.C.

The Obama staff also released a statement concerning the democratic nominee’s links to the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist ring that accomplished little in the 1960s.

“After further review, we still find that Senator Obama was only eight years old when the Weather Underground was wreaking havoc in Washington, making any direct connections a stretch at best. Obama is a man of diplomacy, not bombs.”



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2 responses to “McCain the Nazi…Played integral role in Iran-Contra affair

  1. Leonard Jenkins

    Much is known about McCain and his connection to the Iran Contra Affair. Whats sad is that the whole truth is not known about the Affair itself. Reagan and North defied the public to ensure the operation would succeed. The operation was never in jeapordy because simply giving arms to terrorists was just the first phase. Its public information that we also gave chemical gas to the Iraqis, and Saddam used it against the Iranians in thier 8 Year War. But he didnt use it to just send a message to Iran that they shouldnt have taken hostages. Iraq used the gas to neutralize an entire battlegroup of Iranians, which contained children, and then with the chemical protective gear we supplied, the Iraqis went into the contaminated area and retrieved only the arms that we gave to Iran for hostages. This continued until the Iraqis had collected almost all of the arms. Then after some time had passed and the Iranians had wondered what the Iraqis were doing, a message was delivered to the Ayotollah from Reagan and it went like this: “You took our people hostage. We gave you arms in exchange for them and you used the arms against your enemy. We armed your enemy with chemical gas and he used the gas to retrieve the arms we gave you and now he has the advantage over you. The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away.”
    And because we were kept in the dark by Reagan and North, we dont understand why the Iranians are our enemy. Whats even worse is that Reagan angered the Ayotollah so badly that they began to plot revenge. What they came up with was given to them by Bush sr.
    Saddam used our gas to kill 100,000 Kurds. It was an embarrassment to the US and it was reported around the world. A plan was formed by Bush and the CIA to spank Saddam. They asked for the Kuwaitis help, and they started to cross-drill under the border into known Iraqi oil reserves. Then after a while, Saddam was tipped off and he was angry. He asked the Kuwaitis to stop and pay restitution, and they replied “no.” He went back and demanded them to stop, to which they said: “We wont stop taking Iraqi oil until every Iraqi woman is a cheap prostitute.” And they laughed. The Iraqis arent nice to their women but you are taking your life into your hands if you compare one to a prostitute. Saddam went berserk and rightly so and invaded. But he didnt invade with the intent of occupying either Kuwait or Saudi Arabia. He ransacked Kuwaiti City to take restitution and that would have been the end of it. The Bush sr admin wanted to create a show of force to counter Saddams show of force against the Kurds, and they misinformed the public when they said Saddam amassed his armor on the border with Saudi Arabia. He didnt. They were going to invade and bitchslap Saddam irregardless. Bush sr let Saddam off the hook and didnt go into Baghdad because Saddam may have known that he was set up. Saddam thumbed his nose at us and the UN inspectors during Clintons terms cause he knew the truth and he used it as a lever. But he also told Iran about the set up.
    We made our presence felt in Iran when we backed Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi and he implemented change in Iran that backfired. They called him a puppet of the CIA and overran the Embassy. Our efforts may have been good but they werent smart. We questioned the soverignty of the Iranians to determine their own destiny and we did it by affecting change through the Shah. We forgot that all power and authority begins with the people, and so too must change begin with the people. And it disturbed everyone, including the Ayotolloh. Reagan threw gas on a fire with the Iran-Contra Affair. Bush got caught with his pants down and the Iranians were watching intently. In 1995, Hamas emerged with Irans support. Ever since, Hamas has been lobbing missiles into Israel to question Israels soverignty as we challenged Irans soverignty(Shah, Iran-Contra Affair). We have become the tyranical King of England and Iran and Hamas are Washingtons Colonial militia. N Korea is now lobbing missiles at teh US because they have Irans back.

    The “axis of evil” is laughing at us and will continue to laugh until we own up to our mistake of trying to bring freedom to a dark corner of the world through the Shah, or the top down, and will never do more than just laugh. They will always feel justified in revolting to our move on their soverignty. We blew it, Reagan and North are idiots, Bush is too, Clinton is not, and Bush jr-like father like son.
    I do not believe McCain is a Nazi. They would have never approved his membership. The Iran-Contra Affair and our backing of the Shah is the reason that Iran is taunting us, and rightly so. Its sad but true, we will never be free of Irans influence as long as we dont acknowledge our mistake. Our mistake combined with our massive nuclear arsenal is the reason Iran doesnt trust us. It isnt as the Republicans would have us believe that Iran is part of an axis of evil. If it were you, would you trust the US?

  2. Leonard

    For what it’s worth, I sent a similiar comment to Megan McCain’s email. I went to her blogsite about a week later to see if she responded. She hadnt. But when I closed internet explorer, my computer went crazy. I was offline but my screen was showing one window after another that showed her blogsite. I got hit by a virus.

    I guess that was her answer.

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