Who’s the Socialist: Obama or McCain?

Considering the News…


The Straight Talk Express and its 527 trolleys love depicting Obama as the most liberal Democrat alive. They get off on it. Or they get off track. Either way.


They scare the American electorate with frightening images of Obama, usually black and white pictures, which I assume are supposed to make a black man appear even more…well, I won’t even complete that sentence.


Anyone who’s viewed the commercials gets the drift. It’s a shady operation…Like driving down Fear Politics Highway at 130 with an open bottle of Jack Daniels and Nine Inch Nails blaring. George H. W. Bush shit.


And it works on ignorant people. People with prejudices. People who drive Buicks and Ford Tauruses.


Thus the spineless captain of double-speak takes to the stump with lines like “Obama and his liberal buddies in Washington” and “The country can’t afford someone as dangerous as Barack Obama right now.”


It’s precisely the kind of ostensible crap you expect to hear in a presidential race. It’s only politics, as W would say, and if lies get under your skin then feel free to abandon your benevolent campaign or to get some damn thicker skin.


Yet what makes this instance so amusing – frightening, were he to defy all poll numbers and common logic by actually winning the election – is that McCain, as of late, has been out-libbing even the one he’s spent an entire campaign smearing as the most disgusting liberal in Washington.


In a moment that even Michael Jackson thought was fucking crazy, McCain winged his solution to the financial crisis during the town hall debate last week – his presumed strong area. In front of millions of stupefied people to boot. It was that bewildering.


He truly went Maverick on the country’s ass, taking not the road less traveled, but the road no one in their right mind should be stumbling down – that the government bail out every American saddled with an unmanageable mortgage.


Not just the impoverished and underprivileged Americans who can’t make ends meet and face imminent foreclosure – that would have at least been an honorable approach – but bail out every fool in the country who fancied themselves millionaires because they bought a 1.2-million-dollar crib on a trash-collector’s salary.


Indeed, the Maverick has been sitting too close to the gas tank of the Straight Talk Express. He’s no longer talking straight – he’s straight rambling like a lunatic without his pill bottle handy.


Now he aims to claw his way out of the treacherous pits of unfavorable poll numbers by suggesting the government take on its most substantial project since the New Deal. Did he consult anyone about this absurd plan before blurting it out on national television?


Who knows. What we do know is he’s doing it as the nominee for the Grand Ole Party…the party of small government…less government spending…praise Jesus, not the government…keep the White House at all costs, even if it means ravaging and defiling every rule or law we claim to care about.


So remember that filthy little nugget of information when you step into the voting booth in three weeks and have the audicity to consider voting for Barack Obama and his asinine liberal cronies in Washington.


Lord knows we can’t afford a reckless liberal spender like him.



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2 responses to “Who’s the Socialist: Obama or McCain?

  1. I Know What You Did

    I swear the maverick doesn’t know where he stands half the time.

  2. Well to me really the debate wasn’t enough for me to decide on which to vote for, so what I will do is vote depending on who dances better:
    Is it John Mccain:
    Or Barack Obama:
    Hehe, it is pretty funny.

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