Daily Kos: Joe the Plumber or Joe the Tax Evader

Considering the News…

Maybe Joe the Plumber doesn’t have to worry about Obama’s proposed tax hikes for the rich and famous after all. Looks like the unregistered voter of the year doesn’t care for paying taxes no matter what the amount.

After ABC News identified America’s new favorite plumber’s crack as one Samuel Joe Wurzelbacher, a quick check on Ohio’s online tax records reveals one Samuel J Wurzelbacher of Toledo is being pursued in the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas for $1,182.98 in unpaid dues to Uncle Sam.

The Daily Kos shed the light on this story. We’ll see where the roaches scramble to for cover.

Such a brutal turn of events might discredit my claims that Joe the Plumber is a fraud faker than Pam Anderson’s fun bags, for certainly Mr. Wurzelbacher wouldn’t have willingly injected himself into the mainstream media hoopla of this paramount election knowing he’d left the needle and burnt spoon out on the bathroom sink for any mudslinger to trudge up.

So a weird and unenviable fate awaits Mr. McCain’s new favorite stump figure, Mr. Working Man America, Joe the Plumber.

Either his unexpected fame was pure luck, shitty luck, or, as I contended before, a complete fabrication by the McCain camp. If it turns out it’s the latter, Joe the Plumber should at least ask the Maverick to borrow 1,200 bucks and a lawyer.



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4 responses to “Daily Kos: Joe the Plumber or Joe the Tax Evader

  1. It still doesn’t change the fact that he asked Obama questions and Obama answered them. Nor does it change the fact that a lot of Americans didn’t like those answers.

  2. Prudence

    Joe’s going to have more nicknames then Babe Ruth by the time its all said and done.

  3. bloggingmom67

    That’s just awful that Joe the Plumber is being trotted out as some big example of the plight of the small businessman under Obama — and he doesn’t pay his taxes, isn’t registered to be a plumber.

    Doesn’t the McCain team realize they need to check a person out before the present them to the “gotcha press”?

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