Joe the Unlicensed Plumber

Considering the News…

Looks like Joe the Plumber is going to be out of a job. Stardom is a bitch like that.

You don’t become an iconic archetype of American politics and get away unscathed. As McCain would even say – first it’s the hatchet, then the scalpel.

Well, they’re taking the scalpel right between Joe’s ears and legs right now, because reports from the Toledo Blade indicate that Samuel Joe Wurzelbacher is an Ohio plumber – just not a legally licensed one.

Which, of course, is a problem, seeing as how most state laws require proper credentials for obtaining jobs that dictate where and when the shit flows.

I’m sure Joe the Plumber will be fine, however. He has every major TV, radio, and news medium in the country wanting to polish that sleak dome of his. Thus I imagine a handsome reward – possibly a book deal or star role in the WWE – will land in his lap shortly…assuming it hadn’t already before he ever “happened” upon Barack Obama last week.

Oh, how fate does put the average Joe in unfathomable situations.


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13 responses to “Joe the Unlicensed Plumber

  1. Mr. Biggles

    What a joke this is turning out to be.

  2. Talk about desperation. If the libs think this will negate anything from what he said or is, they’re mistaken.

    I agree with you that Joe will become something even if his immediate dreams are smashed by Obama’s taxes. Not that I expect that.

    The report does say that he is working validly, so he’s not negated on whether he’s a plumber; he wants to buy the business he works for, so his question for Obama to swallow was valid.

    Fact is, Obama is a socialist. If that’s the problem, then too bad. Obama didn’t see any problem sharing his wealth around, so I think there is some hypocrisy going on here.

  3. jmwinn

    Thing is, I don’t think the Obama camp will touch the fact Joe’s not a licensed plumber. Currently, they’re aiming to discredit the underlying story – that his tax hikes on 250K-plus earners will not affect many small businesses. Which is why team Obama is claiming 98 percent of small businesses don’t even earn 250K annually.

    We’ll see where the Joe the Plumber circus stops next.

  4. Sleeptime

    Bet this guy has a show on A&E by the end of the year.

  5. Willy T Patriot

    I for one am quite angry about this Joe the Plumber guy. He’s the guy responsible for high oil prices, the war, the drop in medically insured Americans, the looming global warming crisis, the wall street crisis, the deficit, our low standing in the world and all the other problems me and my family face. We better stay focused on this guy!

  6. Yeah Baby

    Plunge, Baby, Plunge!

  7. Fed Up

    Yet another GOP distraction, and another out right lie. This guy was planted in the crowd for this exact reason. I hope he enjoys a nice audit from our friends at the IRS. He might have wished that he paid his taxes and didn’t come up with a phony story about buying his employers company. I heard the job market in OH is rough right now Joe.

  8. The Small Business Administration says that around 70% of small businesses make more than $250,000 who have at least 10 employees. And this is your job creation machine that created 100% of the jobs last year.

    Again, truth is absolute, and McCain wins on this issue.

  9. Ben Doyle

    That McCain took to Joe the Plumber (knowing nothing about him) comes as no surprise. His vetting process with Sarah Palin wasn’t exactly “thorough.”

  10. Present

    Why does he need a license? He’s just an employee working for a business. The company he wants to buy carries the license. None of my employees have a contractors license, but if I were to sell the business to one of them, the license comes with the it.

  11. B

    It seems “Joe” doesn’t pay taxes anyway…

    He has a lien on $1,200 in unpaid State taxes.

  12. Gordon Liddy

    Joe the Plumber looks like the Roto Rooter guy with that awesome show about busting ghosts on that channel for nerds.

  13. Verdure Vegetare

    Why do people complain about taxes? Isn’t it required of American citizens to pay their taxes? Or do people despise the United States that much? I find it distasteful that Americans complain about other countries and yet treat their own with utter contempt by not supporting it. Remove your lame little yellow ribbons from your cars that say “Support the Troops” when in reality you are the very ones refusing to show tangible support by complaining about taxes. “I wanna be a plumber when I grow up, but I don’t wanna pay taxes.” America, as evidenced by the now famous “Joe the Plumber”, is replete with vile, selfish, disgusting people. How dare you complain about anyone when you embody the very ugliness you point out in others. You’re all the same. “Joe the Plumber, Jill the Receptionist, Al the Security Guard, Maggie the Teacher.” There is no distinction between any of you vulgar creatures. Leave “Joe the Plumber” alone because you are him in your own pathetic worthless way. You are such by reason of being American. It goes with the territory.

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