Will Obama’s support actually show up?

Considering the News…

Barack Obama’s looking over his shoulder like a vulnerable sweetheart scampering through the streets of Harlem at 3 in the morning. Why wouldn’t he?

Having survived the final debate with the new-car smell still fresh in his RV of Hope, Obama reminded supporters yesterday of two words that dispel any notion the election is in the bag – New Hampshire.

While this is a reasonable point – Hillary’s tears of patriotism 36 hours before the NH primary resulted in a Obama second-place finish – it doesn’t entirely translate to his current position.

Obama was the hot piece of ass after storming through Iowa with a leadoff victory, but a New Hampshire win was never “inevitable,” to use the Hillary camp parlance, as his election seems to some right now.

Therefore, perhaps he should have said three words – New England Patriots.

That’s the plight of team Obama now. If too many supporters…especially the young cats idolizing him like…Sammy Davis Jr…neglect to vote on account of overconfidence, Obama’s election hopes will sink faster than a bar of soap in the prison shower. Which is quite fast considering gravity.

Thus Obama will spend the remaining 18 days of his campaign reinvigorating his already-committed voters. It sounds asinine, but the thorn in his ass isn’t the “independent” voters who could go McCain, but the voters he already successfully seduced six months ago.

Should a considerable amount of sure-thing voters decide to do laundry or catch the new episode of House, Obama’s extensive support will dwindle and provide McCain an unnecessary opening.

Pissed off republicans like Joe the Plumber won’t stay home on election day, no matter what’s on TV or how much they hate Bush. So the question is whether Barack’s fan base shows up on moving day to help him pack up boxes for the White House.


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7 responses to “Will Obama’s support actually show up?

  1. Phillip T

    I’m sure as hell showing up to vote.

  2. What’s a “honey”?

  3. jmwinn

    changed it to sweetheart to eliminate the confusion.

  4. Foster Downs

    I wouldn’t count on all the youngin’s showing up. Never happens like they say it will “this time.”

  5. it will boil down to ohio, pennsylvania and florida; and the 18 to 35 vote turning out.
    i think the mccain fear mongering crap will stick with the over 60 crowd, so it’s up to the young voter to counter for obama.
    if obama wins a mandate based largely on the youth vote it will change the course of history
    in this country.

  6. Irwin M. Fletcher

    I’m going to a homeless shelter to catch a ride from some dogooder. No way I’m wasting my gas to vote when the election could be fixed like it was last time.

  7. Tara

    I am most definitely voting this year. Actually, this is the first year I’m stepping up to “do my duty” and I’m 24. I have been pushing a lot of my friends to vote, but I have also noticed that there are a lot of young people this year that are tired of the crap and are stepping up on their own. I have faith that my generation is ready to determine the direction that their future is heading. I just pray that my fellow women realize what a disgrace Sarah Palin is to this election and to the image of “intelligent women”. She is no role model of mine.

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