McCarthyism is alive and well…let the witch hunt begin

Considering the News…

Sometimes it’s not a democrat and republican thing. Sometimes the beef isn’t between different ethnic groups, or genders, or SUV and hybrid drivers, or missionary thrusters and reverse-cowboy riders.

Sometimes it’s the straight delusional and paranoid folks versus the rest of the sane and sober (maybe not the right word) citizens of the country.

And when the desperately warped minds of the former get charged up on hate and vengeance, then it’s time for a good old fashioned witch hunt.

Bring out the pitchforks, wash the white sheets, and fire up the torches, because there’s outsiders among us, and lord knows that shit doesn’t fly with the deranged minds mistaking prejudice for patriotism.

Indeed, Minnesota Congresswoman, republican Michelle Bachmann, has been reading the McCarthy Doctrine by candlelight and getting off on historical accounts of the Salem Witch Trials.

She’s studied up. She’s been working out. She’s ready.

Now this lame headline grabber is plotting against a democrat-controlled congress and White House, assuming Barack Obama wins the election, by summoning the media to conduct a thorough investigation of congress.

For what? Get this: Anti-Americanism.


No, this isn’t a twisted and demented Halloween gag. It’s craziness at it’s worst.

Anti-Americanism? What? Why?

Because Barack “Yes my middle name is Hussein – Got a fucking problem with it?” Obama is on the White House front stoop. He’s “measuring the curtains” and changing the sheets and finding kinky spots for him to get presidential on Michelle’s ass…

And Bachmann’s not having it. She’s prepared to drag every democrat (it’s safe to assume that party will be the primary target) in Washington across the fiery coals of lunacy, because damn it! she’s a patriot.

But is she? Is she really? Perhaps not.

It’s one thing to ridicule a senator for voting against funding the troops or for not wearing a freaking Senate pin on the lapel or suggesting Americans pay taxes – and it’s another thing to wage war against half the country because your grip on power is weakening.

But that’s what some republicans are doing these days, more or less. Whether it’s saying “I know a liberal when I see one” or “Senator Obama’s economic policies sound like pure socialism” or “He’s not a Christian, so he must be anti-American” – some just resort to stigmatism.

Fuck talking issues or policies or ideas, let’s just label and castrate those who disagree with us.

After all, that’s what democracy’s all about. Right?



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6 responses to “McCarthyism is alive and well…let the witch hunt begin

  1. Pat G

    What a sorry excuse for a politician.

  2. Counter to that

    Let’s see: political party movement that is all fired up for one ideal, one platform, and anyone not on it should just be thrown out of power.

    Sounds crazy. This lady is an example.
    However, it isn’t just a right-wing problem. Pots and kettles, folks, be careful in how far you go…
    …or you’ll end up looking like her to everyone else.

  3. The Worm

    Both parties are guilty of this to some extent, but this woman is approaching dangerous heights.

  4. i think what drives the republican hate machine over the lunatic fringe is the fact that obama’s politics go beyond all the culture war bullshit that has been around since reagan and nixon first uttered the phrase “dirty filthy hippies”

  5. Dennis Reynolds

    This just goes to prove my point: A woman in politics is like a donkey doing calculus. It don’t work. As soon as that lady’s period ends she will be apologizing and blaming winn and tonic for taking her out of context. And another thing, when is everyone going to realize that politics is just one big ass-blast. If its not the republicans blasting you in the ass, its the democrats blasting you in the ass.

  6. M McCallister

    From what I have read the campaign donations are steadily flowing into her competitor’s campaign by the hundreds of thousands. There’s a good chance she wont’ even be in office when the so-called witchhunt takes place.

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