Sarah Palin Rewrites Constitution – Smarter than 3rd Grader

Considering the News…

U.S. Constitution Sarah’s Book of Fun Powers!!!

Sarah Palin’s foot landed in her mouth again. It’s almost ridiculous how well she does it. Unprecedented perhaps.

When she first entered the American conscience seven weeks ago it appeared accidental, almost as if she were merely demonstrating how high she could kick. But now she seems to be intentionally targeting her own teeth…and on a daily basis to boot.

While responding to the inquiry of a third grader during a recent television interview, Palin threw out the U.S. Constitution like she was buying new linens.

In glamorizing describing creating the vice president’s actual influence, the pride of Alaska defiled the country’s sacred document yet again by expanding the position’s authority beyond mere President of the Senate, to a hybrid political figure the likes of which have never been seen. A President-slash- Majority-slash-Minority Leader.

Although Article I clearly states:
The Vice President of the United States shall be President of the Senate, but shall have no vote, unless they be equally divided.

Palin responded by yodeling out, “That’s something that Piper would ask me! … (The vice president is) in charge of the U.S. Senate, so if they want to they can really get in there with the senators and make a lot of good policy changes.”

I beg your pardon. Really get in there? Make a lot of good policy changes?

I’m forced to believe she either absorbed Tina Fey’s sense of humor over the weekend, or is truly convinced Washington does need some crooked element of change – because this is utterly preposterous.

No one gives a damn what Dick Cheney thinks as he sits in the Senate President’s chair and polishes his rifle and exacerbates the hemorrhoids riddling his ass, for it only becomes relevant should a vote end in a tie. Other than that – nothing. Just listen to the debate, slam a gavel or something, and shut up.

But not in Palin’s view. Not in her world. Wait, that might just be it. Perhaps this is simply Palin’s World of which Madam Maverick speaks.

If this is indeed the case with Palin, one’s time would be ill-spent becoming upset, offended, or even dumbfounded by any of her dubious remarks – no matter how absurd, befuddled, illegal or unconstitutional – as she’s not coming back down any time soon.

There’s no use. Her perceptions of established government procedures differ from conventional wisdom. Real change, I suppose.

This is America. This is the United States. This is Alaska. This is Palin’s World.

Welcome, we hope you enjoy it. It’s kind of like Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. But with no rule of law.


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12 responses to “Sarah Palin Rewrites Constitution – Smarter than 3rd Grader

  1. Ben Doyle

    Palin’s proven she can adapt to any situation, and I’m sure adhering to the Constitution wouldn’t be any different. At least, you know, after she’s read it.

  2. Chester

    I would’ve hoped she had figured this out by now.

  3. Brian

    She’s right. You’re wrong.

    You posted the relevant part of the Constitution, and it clearly supports what she said.. yet you feel it’s appropriate to mock her and make fun?

    Not sure that calculates. And it’s kind of embarrassing .. for you, I mean.

  4. jmwinn

    “Mocking” is a relatively subjective word, Brian. But, just so you know, I am not incorrect in my conclusion that Sarah Palin has absolutely no legislative authority, influence, or persuasion. She simply presides over the debates and casts votes in tie-breaking situations.

    A little information for you:

    I especially like the part about our forefathers.

    “So, far from Sarah Palin’s notion that the vice president has some sort of constitutionally granted legislative authority if they “so chose to exert it in working with the Senate,” our country’s very first senators made it clear that it wasn’t the vice president who had authority over the Senate, but the Senate that had the power to confine the vice president to their extremely limited constitutional role.”

  5. Rachel Pucker

    I would love to see this bimbo scootin’ around the senate, talkin’ laws and stuff, also, the constitution was kind enough to be flexible also.

  6. Concerned American

    In all reality Sara Palin is already doing exactly what she would do as vp. Distract everybody.

  7. Brian

    “Mocking” is a subjective term — I agree — and I may have stretched the definition a bit. I was speaking more of the derision and contempt you show in your post. Thank you for allowing me to clarify.

    In any case, I don’t think she was saying she has any official authority, other than as President of — and presiding over — the Senate, as clearly specified in the Constitution. And she’s certainly permitted to politick and take part in discussion/debates. The Constitution and history (even in your link — and thank you for that) clearly support that, regardless of the conclusion the blogger arrives at.

    And, really, it was an answer to a question from an 8 year old…answered in “8 year old” terms. But I guess there has to be something to pick on her for.

    Not sure what else there is to say. Thanks for the response!

  8. jmwinn

    That is a fine and fair point you made, Brian. The VP can politick and lobby in very much the same fashion as the president, assuming it’s in the president’s interest for him or her to take such a role.

    The VP’s predominate presence in Senate procedures, however, is more as a mediator than an immediate and ideological influence. The VP has little or no authority to dictate what legislation is suggested, formulated, or introduced, otherwise he or she would also preside over the House.

    While I might personally ridicule many politicians of all persuasions, I have great adoration for government institutions and proper legal procedures.

    Palin has shown several times that she does not fully grasp the purpose and duty of the job she is campaigning for, which is the primary motivation for my condescension.

    Many people foster similar opinions and ill feelings for Senator Obama as well, and thus I respect their voice in denouncing his shortcomings in their own fashions.

    Glad you enjoyed the link I posted.

  9. Joe Biden

    What a free spirit she is.

  10. Brian

    I disagree with your position somewhat, and would note that throughout our history, vice presidents have taken varying roles in the ‘Upper House’ — some very active, and others not so.

    It is, also, abundantly clear that the vice president’s role is primarily a legislative one (though they’re often assigned executive roles as well).


    But, in any case, I, too, have great respect for the rule of law, proper procedure, and the over-riding authority of the Constitution; however, sadly, we haven’t had much of any of that in quite a while. And it’s been politicians of all persuasions that have contributed to the corruption of the system.

    Your comment about Senator Obama being treated (equally) poorly is well-taken.

    Enjoyed the discussion. Thanks again.

  11. Dennis Reynolds

    Where is Tara? I look forward to her comments. I read in one of her comments that she is 24. Tara, are you single? I am 24 and single, and I would like to meet you.

  12. fortunately for all of us, the only serious role this woman will ever play in the United States Senate is that of comic relief, as she will certainly be the butt of many a joke in the back aisle of the chamber for years to come.

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