Sarah Palin Shopping Spree – News or Poor Judgment?

Considering the News…

So Sarah Palin likes nice clothes. Really nice clothes. What woman doesn’t?

The recent disclosure of the Republican National Committee’s $150K spent on campaign accessories (read Palin’s flashy outfits) has made a lot of jaws hurt, but it really isn’t that big of a deal. It shouldn’t be a topic at all. Politicians should look good. Give the crowd something to look at. Feel good about.

But it is a story. Especially considering the fiery sack of shit that is our current economy.

Hillary Clinton had $3,000 haircuts. John Edwards got his ears lowered $400 at a time. John McCain does is stumping two-step in $600 leather shoes. Barack Obama rocks Burberry – shit ain’t cheap.

So why doesn’t Palin get a pass? How can she be simultaneously lauded for her chic fashion sense and morally condemned for her chic fashion sense?

Because hockey moms aren’t supposed to wear $10k outfits. It just doesn’t make any damn sense. Wayne Gretzky’s mom maybe, but not your average rink-side bulldog cheering on her son’s 15-year-old AAU team.

Her authenticity falters. Her speeches about helping put food on the table and gas in the tank become condescending. Who can believe a woman shares your daily financial struggles when you know her leather boots are worth more than your weekly pay check.

But it’s no fault of hers. The McCain camp gave her the VISA card and what reasonable human being wouldn’t drop $49,425.74 at Saks Fifth Avenue? I’d be all over it. Never even been to Saks Fifth Avenue, but I’m intrigued by any clothing store where one can blow 50 grand without buying the same item twice.

Now McCain will suffer for this blank check. He took his prized hockey mom from Alaska, gave her a million-dollar makeover, and is left not with a perfect running mate, but exactly what he’s allegedly campaiging against – a spoiled Washington insider. This one just happens to be from Alaska.

(Author’s Note: I fully understand this expensive clothing will be donated to charity after the campaign. However, it makes little difference politically. The damage has been done.)


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9 responses to “Sarah Palin Shopping Spree – News or Poor Judgment?

  1. Foreclosed

    So the RNC bought her a house? How do you spend that much money on clothes? I wish my 401K was invested in Italian leather.

  2. Oh come on, everyone drops $50,000 at Saks now and then.

  3. Addicted to Shopping

    Many women use shopping as a means for relieving stress. Having observed as the news media tear every aspect of Sarah Palin’s life apart, I’m impressed she’s only spent 150,000 so far.

  4. cindy mccain spent $300,000 or more on just the cloths she wore at the convention in august;
    probably more than the obamas spent on their home in chicago.
    makes all that talk about being change mavericks sound like a cynical line of bullshit.

  5. Charlie Kelly

    I rock the burberry, and a little versace. Burberry runs $150 a shirt. I live in a $300 a month apartment and cant afford a pack of smokes. So what?

  6. Davidiah

    $150K, that’s nothing! My dad once bought me a jet for Flag Day!!

    I agree that her image is important, but to spend $150,000 on someone who will make $221,100 if elected seems silly.

    If you think $150K is a lot, you should see what the DNC spends on porta potties for Obama’s huge rallies…

  7. What are you doing?

    How can you guys say things like this?
    Obama has made over 10 million on book sales. The man has cash in the bank, So buying big things can be justified. Palin is not supposed to legally have that much money. So where did she get the money from?
    There is rumor that that is our tax money! But even if it was donated, it does not help her image.
    The woman says she relates to the normal person yet she spends as much money on clothes in a day then 80% of America only see’s in 2 years.
    If she was a successful business woman I would give her slack, But she is not.
    Stop celebration ignorance, its going to ruin this country.
    God knows it already has.

  8. She chose some nice pieces – the whole thing was not handled well. She should have shopped at Black and White.

  9. Jkbole

    Haven’t we all been lectured that this economic mess is the fault of everyone living beyond their means? Palin makes around 100k as Governor of Alaska. Shouldn’t she be wearing what she can afford? Wouldn’t that have been the authentic thing to do? I keep hearing how ‘authentic’ she is…

    By accepting this handout from the RNC it seems the Palins are participating in a political welfare program…isn’t welfare socialism?

    She is a phoney and I hope that after November 4th she returns to Alaska and fades from the spotlight…we need ‘real’ people with ‘real’ answers to our ‘real’ problems!

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