Obama will say anything to get elected. Really, John McCain? Really?

Considering the News…

Barack Obama will say anything to get elected, you know. He panders to both sides and changes policies like the wind blows, wouldn’t you say? He would lose a war to get elected, haven’t you heard this shit?

John McCain has tried to beat this into American minds like he’s massaging a knot out of Cindy’s back. He wants to discredit the mystical illusion that Obama’s a god-sent shepherd of hope, by labeling him just another politician who will say anything on account of unbridled ambition.

And rightly so. Obama does a commendable job hunting for the imaginary center threshold of American opinion, because this is a freaking presidential election. He’d be ignorant or naive not to, as you don’t secure 270 electoral votes by addressing only 25 percent of the electorate.

So the problem with John McCain’s statement, “Thirteen days to go, and he changed his tax plan because the American people had learned the truth about it and they didn’t like it,” is that it’s more hypocritical than ordering a goddamn Diet Coke with your triple Whopper value meal.

The accusation might have gone unnoticed had it not come within a week of the McCain campaign’s sleezy, underhanded and illegal swarm of robocalls overemphasizing Obama’s connection to Bill Ayers and the even more vile and unfounded litany of Rudy Giuliani robocalls implying Obama will let rapists and drug dealers run rampant through the streets like rats during a plague.

So there it is, Mr. Maverick. There isn’t much advice one can give to an experienced and tried veteran and U.S. Senator who has survived 72 years on this earth.

But I’m compelled to at least try.

Look over your shoulder and take a good whiff. Do you smell that? Your ass smells just as bad, if not worse, than everybody else’s.

Oh, yeah, while we’re chatting – any comments on your decision earlier in the campaign to pull a complete 180 on your opposition to offshore drilling once you learned the majority of voters in the great swing state of Florida were all for it?

I didn’t think so.



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6 responses to “Obama will say anything to get elected. Really, John McCain? Really?

  1. speedmeisterp

    Yeah, he does smell bad. Just go to http://therealmccain.com/ to watch videos of McCain saying anything to get elected.

  2. Don't be cruel

    It’s even worse when that Obama uses all his “eloquent” language. I don’t think the country is ready for a president who can speak in comprehensive sentences.

  3. Thinking Man

    A politician who can’t sell both sides of an argument is no politician at all.

  4. it should come as no surprise that the mccain campaign is run, in large part, by beltway lobbyists.
    smear baby smear

  5. Man O' War- Non-hunter

    has anyone heard the new radio ad from the republicans? the one that saiys liberals are going to take away all your guns? take away the guns that were passed down to you from your grandfather? are you kidding me? they want me to beleive that dems want to take away some antique shotguns and rusty rifles? maybe a illegally modified ar-15 that my buddy needed me to hold while his spot cooled off but not your basic firearms. just another case of republicans playing to the lowest common denominator- small town, small dick, good ole boys that cant stand a minority are way too easily influenced. these are the people that scare me. they go hunting for the pure pleasure of killing animals and drive big trucks to make up for theyre shortcumings. excuse me for ranting but anyone that has the same political views as these redneck, backwater, old fashioned simpletons needs to be punched in the face, that my friend, would make the world a better place.

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