Apology from Drudge Report: She Made It Up!!!

Considering the News…

Seeing as how Mr. Drudge of the esteemed Drudge Report has too much pride to take at least partial blame for the hysteria incited by an obviously mentally-ill McCain supporter who fabricated an assault and carved a fucking backwards B into her own face (seriously, girl, you didn’t think it all through before taking a blade to your cheek?), Winn & Tonic feels obliged to offer one on his behalf.

I am sorry that I put that sensational headline on my web site before knowing all the facts (Obama supporter attacks McCain volunteer…Carves B in her face), which prompted hundreds of right-wing bloggers to run rampant with “Typical Obama Supporter” and “Obama and his gang of hoodlum supporters should be imprisoned” stories, blogs, and opinions.

Little old Winn & Tonic, which would never claim to rival the influence of the infamous Drudge, would like to take the time to say this…

Typical McCain supporters and their do anything to win political schemes…are politics worth self-mutilation?

The backwards B fooled only delusional McCain supporters.

The backwards B fooled only delusional McCain supporters.



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4 responses to “Apology from Drudge Report: She Made It Up!!!

  1. WWJD

    Never saw this one coming. Not.

  2. Speechless

    This girl needs help fast.

  3. just in time for all those halloween parties next weekend!
    i predict the black eye / backward B will rival the Joker for most popular facial costume this year.

    you heard it here first!

  4. Irwin Mahatma Fletcher

    I’m sorry to be the first one to break this to you guys but, this is a classic case of a double spy. I did a little research on this girl and she was once a registered democrat. What she did you see, is infiltrate the McCain camp and carve her face up prompting the McCain campaign to run wild with “crazy, typical Obama supporter” headlines. She then admitted to making up this unbelievable story, to make the McCain camp look bad, backfiring in their face. She didn’t count on me finding out that she is actually, and always has been, an Obama supporter. Thankfully, the liberal media will cover it up and it will not hurt the Obama camp.

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