Bigots, Lunatics, Robocalls, and the McCain Campaign

Considering the News…

There’s much panic, paranoia and uncertainty swarming around the dysfunctional McCain camp, as volunteers and supporters launch vigilante fear-mongering campaigns to sway (scare) undecided voters.

It’s bad enough that you have Rudy Giuliani’s smug little ass robo-calling American households at all hours of the night. It’s even worse that you have depressed and delusional coeds carving up their own faces and blaming the savagery on imaginary 6-4 black dudes.

The racial undertones behind these incidents are disturbing – in the mildest sense – but at least the cockeyed hooligans responsible had the decency (cowardice?) to suppress them to the point of mere undertones.

Then you have the brazen racists and bigots groping each other at Sarah Palin’s KKK rallies – mean folks hellbent on bleaching the American citizenry. The kind of nervous and intolerant rednecks who sleep with Confederate flag quilts and Nazi throw pillows…Twisted back-country minds that will likely plague our society for decades to come.

And it’s a damn shame. As an ardent supporter of the First Amendment I am torn on whether it extends to the kind of pure smut featured below. From Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire and Brandenburg v. Ohio to National Socialist (Nazi) Party v. Skokie, the issue of hate speech has been addressed by the Supreme Court numerous times. However, I’m uncertain where this letter – taped to mailboxes in Wisconsin – falls under these rulings. Maybe I don’t want to know……

This fucked letter was taped to Wisconsin mailboxes

This fucked letter was taped to Wisconsin mailboxes


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One response to “Bigots, Lunatics, Robocalls, and the McCain Campaign

  1. Speechless

    Whatever it takes means doing whatever it takes, but this is downright sick. Shame on these people.

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