McCain’s Socialist Surprise

Considering the News…

It’s down to the final eight days, and John McCain intends to spend his final hours drilling thoughts of “Barack Obama the Marxist” into the public conscience, hoping such a notion scares the shit out of enough people to snare the election from the “socialist grips” of Obama nation.

The most recent sensational headlines from the Drudge Report distort the truth enough. “2001 Obama: Tragedy that ‘Redistribution of Wealth’ Not Pursued by Supreme Court.”

Honey, hide the children, the goddamn socialists are coming!

The right-wing news pundits and their beloved Drudge Report use a number of convenient quotes from an Obama 2001 radio interview with Chicago’s public radio station.

While the senator from Illinois does say “tragedy” and “the courts” and “redistribution of wealth” during the course of the interview, the context with which he utters these words are brutally reconstructed by the GOP mudslinging machine of fear.

Obama doesn’t say it was a tragedy that the Supreme Court neglected to pursue the redistribution of wealth – which Drudge would love all of us capitalist bastards to believe – but that the Civil Rights Movement failed to address the necessary fundamental changes that afford every citizen equal opportunities for economic prosperity.

Yet the McCain campaign is intent on exploiting every utterance of “redistribution of wealth” from Obama – no matter what the context. We should expect elementary school teachers to begin surfacing with old pictures Obama drew 40 years ago, pictures with five kids each holding one dollar. That’s what the GOP wants us to believe, because frankly it’s the only pathetic card they have left.

Perhaps they should pursue the “redistribution of ideas” because lord knows they’re falling short on the right side of the aisle these days – the fear well is quickly running dry.

On another note, a trusted reader alerted me to the fact the London Financial Times just endorsed Obama. For those who aren’t aware, it’s one of the most highly conservative papers in the world…with no known socialist or Marxist members on its distinguished editorial board.


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  1. i’m actually surprised palin has been able to get away with the socialist rhetoric, as the citizens of the state she governs in “collectively” own their petroleum resources which results in annual “redistribution” of wealth without any labor or investment.
    that sounds a lot like marxism to me and joe the capitalist would not be too happy about it.

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