Obama 30-minute show: Media Overkill or McCain Killer

Considering the News…

Tonight should prove quite entertaining. It’s make or break. American society as we know it could either completely unravel or bond together, as the manifest force of the looming Obama presidency reveals itself tonight.

With Obama’s 30-minute self-history seminar set to constipate the Wednesday primetime lineup, I can already here the collective moans from the millions of viewers who have either 1) already committed to Obama and can’t wait for these campaign charades to cease 2) wouldn’t vote for Obama even if George W. Bush and Carrot Top were the only other names on the ballot 3) got the days mixed up and thought they were tuning into It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

I can hear the beer bottles shattering against back-alley walls. The incessant cries of young children terrorizing my ear drums and sanity. The panicked moans of sci-fi freaks wondering “Where the hell is my goddamn CSI ?!?! Where’s the crime lab? Can somebody please tell me what the fuck is going on here!”

Obama’s running full speed with 30 miles of tight rope pressing between his toes. This 30-minute stunt could be the old man unbuckling his trousers and taking a big dump on two years of near-perfect campaigning. If McCain wakes up next Wednesday with a morning presidential chubby, it won’t be on account of anything he did. No, that scenario only materializes because Obama took this messiah thing too damn far (think 200,000 in Berlin or the temple stage before 80,000 at the convention).

But perhaps it will be the clinching, albeit unnecessary, field goal that provides an insurmountable 10-point lead with 6 seconds to play. We won’t know for sure. Fans and supporters might think it’s the best 30 minutes in television history; a few of them might even set the Tivo and replay it for friends and family. But we won’t know about the rest of the nation. Not until tomorrow.

That’s when we’ll all creep into the office, nervous as hell that the undecideds are so pissed about being cheated out of 30 minutes of Deal or No Deal that they saddle over to the crusty McCain supporters during lunch.

That’s how we’ll know. The pundits don’t have to declare it a success or failure – we’ll know when those blasted undecideds make a move at lunch tomorrow. If they stumble over to the McCain crowd, we’ll know it failed. Should they saunter over to the Obama side, we’ll note the genius of this dubious campaign maneuver. (Then again, maybe they’ll just watch reruns of House on USA tonight, never knowing that 30 minutes of campaign history aired on the major networks.

Hopefully the country likes what it sees and saves itself by voting this man into the White House. It’s time to put shallow differences aside and embrace a different America, where our friends and neighbors and community mean more than 30 minutes of television. I can see it vividly…and I like it.


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10 responses to “Obama 30-minute show: Media Overkill or McCain Killer

  1. I think Obama pretty much needs this. I do watch MSNBC and mostly watch CNN and although we keep hearing that the media has been painting Mccain in the negative, I have very different views. I think CNN has been focussing “far too less” on Obama and “far too much” on Mccain and Palin. It is obvious that on cannot get rid of the curse of “race” even if one wants to and in some sneaky way it creeps up on us. That is what has been happening to journalists on CNN. Yes, they have been saying that “Obama is winning”, “Obama is winning” but that seems to be more of a cry of desperation to goad the Republicans, Mccain and Palin to fight harder. They continue to pound viewers with Palin and Mccain rallies and show snippets just when they are talking negatively about Obama. Neither Mccain has played fair, neither for that matter CNN. It has tried to be fair, and unbiased but its a sham. They have given very less airtime to Obama so I think Obama is forced to do what he is doing.

  2. Gone Green

    Obama might be worried that he’s running out of time and won’t be able to spend the hundreds of millions of dollars he has raised. Look at any newspaper web site and his ad banners are everywhere. Turn on any television station and his face is everywhere. Obama has bought every media station and paper in America. He won’t lose because the money wasn’t there. That much is for sure.

  3. Heather B

    I for one am glad he is doing this show. Millions of voters don’t pay attention to the election until the final week, meaning Obama can’t put it in cruise control because he is ahead in most polls.

    Can’t wait for the show. Go OBAMA!!!

  4. Chris Beck

    Wonder if McCain will buy up the ad slots before and after the program.

  5. Dre

    Just seems all that money could be better spent in these times. Wouldn’t it be great if after they’ve received over $50 million in donation money, the supporters were told that it was enough already? Use the money to help an organization who truly needs it (and I’m guessing it’s not the media).

  6. jmwinn

    That’s a great point, Dre. It makes you wonder what real change Obama will actually implement once elected, for his campaign – although highly organized and impressive – is really just an enhanced version of the thousands that came before him.

    Were he to take the millions left in his campaign and donate it to charities around the country, it would propel him to a pedestal known by few politicians. The irony of it would be how much more positive and priceless publicity the media gave him for truly demolishing the old style of politics.

    That’s probably just hoping for too much, however. He is, after all, just another politician.

  7. checked the stock prices for any of the big media companies lately?
    they need all the help they can get….

  8. Elizabeth

    Please study the Jimmy Carter years–same ‘ol
    policies Obama wants to implement in America.
    Memorize that these were miserable economic
    years with an 18% inflation rate. Realize that
    Carter was booted from the presidency after
    causing extreme financial pain to ALL Americans.
    Get smart or don’t vote!

  9. Just adding to my comment is that the curse of race is still very much prevalent in America. It is for this reason Obama had to go the extra mile. I think it is a miracle that Obama has come this far, being not only a black american but a biracial american, whose father was not an american. It just shows that there is something very very special about this guy. I think CNN and the media sidelined him in the beginning and hardly showed anything about him. Later on, they started focussing on him a bit more, but it still seemed more biased towards republicans, I felt. And Obama is aware of that, I think, but he is a fighter, so he raised a lot of money and he fought back and got his own airtime on TV. Good for him! I got to see really very little of Obama on TV, and far far too much of Mccain and Palin. In these last days, all we are seeing is live coverage of Mccain and Palin rallies.

  10. elizabeth:
    the US economy was already in dire straights for 3 years when carter took office
    remember gerald ford’s little WIN pins that his campaign used to hand out? it stood for “whip inflation now”
    remember the infamous nixon wage / price freeze?
    that didn’t cure inflation either.
    it took the recession of 1980-82 to cure inflation, and the last time i looked we are already in a recession while the oil companies rip us off and make record profits.

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