Obama’s final 30 minutes

Considering the News…

Several days remain in this endless election, but tonight signified Barack Obama’s final 30 minutes of the campaign. He’s given the rib-rattling speeches. Told every version of his American dream story. Sold most elements of his policies. Shook millions of worried hands. And now there aren’t many lines he can butter without sounding like a syndicated rerun.

If Obama doesn’t win the election, it’s safe to say this country truly is doomed. Sitting here 30 minutes after his 30 minute special, I’m left wondering what else America could want in a president at this time, in this corrupted economy, and with the American dream slipping further and further from the reach of us common citizens.

It was a genuine depiction of his vision and values. From spending time with his daughters reading Harry Potter to expressing the need for helping legacy workers achieve the same success as their fathers, mothers, and grandparents, Obama emphasized the need to view all people as common Americans, with similar dreams, matching desires, and unequivocal suffering.

We all want something better. Few Americans can proclaim their lives to be perfect, even though we all strive for such euphoria, so why perpetuate the fallacies of our past by voting for it again.

To many, political inclinations are burdensome, but they have become increasingly necessary these past few years, when our country’s leaders proved not to be leaders at all. Thus the search for unadulterated landscapes was launched by the indignant masses. And we are now on the precipice of a distant arrival.

This election and these dire times have illuminated the social, economic and cultural travesties that plague our daily lives. All of our lives. Everyday. But people still thirst for a shot of undiluted sweetness, a shot of what our forefathers must have been shit-faced on.

Now change looms. Hope thrives. The American dream will prevail. And Barack Obama is a momentous step in that direction.

So why not take this 30 minutes he offered and consider what the next 30 years can sow if we plant the seeds of prosperity and hope today. I know I’ll be in the voting booth endorsing Barack Obama for president next Tuesday. I hope a few of you join me


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6 responses to “Obama’s final 30 minutes

  1. Mike Wright

    Good post. I’ve been waiting for a president I can believe in, and I’ve been waiting a long time. Barack Obama is the man to right this ship.

  2. Freudian Whip

    Obama was my guy even before I saw it (I must confess I completely forgot and stumbled upon it by chance) but it was really well done. I almost cried actually.

  3. Elizabeth

    We already HAD Obama as president–Jimmy
    Carter! Please do your homework and investigate
    how the same socialistic plans caused an 18%
    inflation rate in America. Inflation affects
    everyone! Just say no to more Jimmy Carter years
    and socialism! Go study, please or don’t vote!

  4. Todd Sharpe

    An Obama loss would be the greatest disappointment ever. Thanks for the post.

  5. Anonymous

    Jimmy Carter-Barack Obama comparisons are invalid. Just because Carter followed Nixon (Bad Republican President) and Obama will follow Bush (Bad Republican President) doesn’t mean the outcome will be the same.

  6. elizabeth:
    you need to do your homework. it is common knowledge that the hyper-inflation which spanned the decade of 1972-82 were in large part the result of the US dollar being taken off the gold standard coupled with the rising cost of petroleum.
    nixon couldn’t cure it, ford couldn’t cure it and neither could carter.
    it took the recession of 1980-82 and the decline in petroleum prices to bring inflation into line.
    it had nothing to do with socialism or lack there of

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