More Republicans endorse Obama – McCain gets Joe the Plumber

Considering the News…

On the same day John McCain sealed the deal with the most coveted voter in America (at least in terms of insignificant people who somehow earned undeserved fame), Barack Obama continued reeling in big catches from the GOP pond.

Ronald Reagan’s chief of staff is the latest McCain political casualty, as Ken Duberstein announced he will be voting for Barack Obama come Tuesday.

He joins numerous other lifelong conservatives who feel, among other things, that Obama’s potential for greatness outweighs McCain’s lengthy record of “being a true American.”

Here’s a short list of other republicans dazzled by the light streaming from Obama’s campaign:

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell

Former Solicitor General for Reagan, Charles Fried

Former South Dakota Senator, Larry Pressler

Former Maryland Senator, Charles Mathias

Former Rhode Island Senator, Lincoln Chafee

Former Massachusettes Governor, William Weld

Former Minnesota Governor, Arne Carlson

Former Bush Press Secretary, Scott McClellan

Former Iowa Congressman, Jim Leach

….You will notice the word “former” precedes many of these distinguished names, thus the McCain camp obviously downplays these figures as irrelevant. However, consider how many times McCain and Palin have invoked the name Reagan in this campaign, and it’s easy to deduce what’s happening.

McCain and Palin say the name Reagan hoping to coerce voters into thinking their broken policies and campaign will somehow translate to a presidency similar to that of President Reagan.

Well, if his own staffers don’t believe it…then why the hell should we?

But good job on the Joe the Plumber endorsement, Senator McCain. It’s a really big deal. Really. I mean that.

Can Joe the Plumber fix McCain's clogged campaign pipes?

Can Joe the Plumber fix McCain's clogged campaign pipes?


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4 responses to “More Republicans endorse Obama – McCain gets Joe the Plumber

  1. sfokc6125

    How can you tell if Obama has robbed your home ?

    50 % of everything is missing.

    What is the first thing Bill Clinton taught Obama ?

    Have a good drycleaaner that makes house calls on speed dial , you never know when you will need a dress cleaned.

    What is the difference between Joe Bidon and the mafia ?

    The mafia has more respect.

    The arbor day foundation has now ban the planting of oaks, we dont want anymore acorns.

    Why was Joe Bidon fired as an auctioneer ?

    Do I hear 250000.00 no 150000.00 no 125000.00 no wait 42000.00?

  2. Mojito

    I wonder what Joe the Plumber’s friends say about him these days. “Joe can’t make it to poker night because he’s spending time with John.”

    What a joke.

  3. Irwin Fletcher

    why is everyone going down on reagen? if i her one more person say that he was a good president, i am going to punch that person.

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