Message to Obama: Get Harry Reid Under Control

Considering the News…

The President-Elect probably hasn’t even shaved since winning the election, but it’s imperative Barack Obama gets Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, to put his fiery balls in a bucket of ice water before he singlehandedly undermines Obama’s “new way of politics.”

Reports indicate Reid’s closed-door meeting yesterday with Democratic disgrace, Sen. Joe Lieberman, played out more like a belligerent back-alley brawl than a civilized meeting between well-known congressmen. Pissed off about Joe’s unbridled support of John McCain, Reid is contemplating stripping the independent senator of his chairman duties for the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

The Democrats are less than 72 hours removed from winning the White House and increasing leads in both the House and Senate, yet Reid already aims to take a steamy, bubbly piss all over that whole “reach across the aisle” bull shit that inspired his party’s entire campaign.

Not a wise move, Reid. Not very wise at all. Dismissing Lieberman for strictly political purposes sends the message that you and your entire party are backsliding power-mongers just like your opposition. And the American citizenry proved on Tuesday that they pay attention to that kind of thing.


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One response to “Message to Obama: Get Harry Reid Under Control

  1. Tim Neal

    Someone might tell Reid that all the congressional races haven’t even been decided yet.

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