Good News: Christian Slater is Alive…Bad News: Still Can’t Act

Considering the News…

There’s really good news out of Hollywood – Christian Slater is alive. I know, right, seems like he’s been dead for years.

He’s exactly the kind of Hollywood figure you randomly think of – usually while you’re either stuck in traffic or doing bathroom office dirty work – and say, “Hey, I wonder what happened to that douche…think I remember hearing something about him OD-ing back in ’96.”

Nope. Christian Slater is alive, healthy, and probably still rich from his killer run in the 80s; however, unfortunately he still can’t act worth a shit. In light of this fact, NBC has elected to can his horrible show about an assassin or secret agent or someone cooler and sneakier than America could ever believe Slater to be.

No matter what his character supposedly did for a living this much is certain – no one cared to tune in long enough to find out. Oh well, I’m sure in the future Slater will rise from the dead yet again, failing to impress anyone with his acting abilities. Can’t wait.

Even Slater often wonders why he sucks so much...

Even Slater often wonders why he sucks so much...



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4 responses to “Good News: Christian Slater is Alive…Bad News: Still Can’t Act

  1. Curious Cobra

    How is this guy even getting work anymore?

  2. I.M. Fletcher

    at this point NBC is just throwing shit at that wall to see what will stick. i used to see promos for that show while I was watching the office. another show that NBC needs to shitcan is called Kath and Kim and its on right before the office. its the worst piece of crap ive ever seen.

  3. Dawn

    No way do I agree here. No way.
    If you have seen the new movie written directed and starred in by Sir Anthony Hopkins you would disagree as well.. I had no interest in Slater, I thought he was a very cool actor, but I really didn’t know what he was famous for. I was too young in the 80’s to know any of those movies etc. But now in mr Hopkins movie (which I adore), you see another side of Slater, he has a part in the film which is not the starring, nor a huge role, but Sir Hopkins wanted HIM for it and you find out why when you watch. Slater presents acting and drama in a blow you away style. Id dare to say his part is my favorite part of the movie!! You have no idea who his character is, what is about to happen /why.. what the scene is about to show you, its all a surprise, and its one you want to rewind and play again and again once you get it. To me Christian is WOW!! Great actors arent getting GREAT PARTS thats the issue in canned corporate owned and sugar coated Hollywood today. My favorite actors Rutger Hauer and James earl Jones are living proof of that. Its really sad to watch what they give us out of Hollywood today. I long for the roles from golden Hollywood, much less politically correct, much more unafraid, and thats why we recognize those actors for what they are.. Excellent. Take a look at Heath Ledger.. he finally gets a role that blows people away in the 2nd batman, and brokeback mountain, but before those 2 forget it. No one knew what he was capable of and they didnt care really. It was a shame, and Im glad before he passed on we got to see him show off!!

  4. Alli

    Cus hes hot and has a loyal fan base who love him inspite of the regular critisism of the uninspired

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