The spicy battle between 50 Cent and Taco Bell

Considering the News…

There’s beef and beans between 50 Cent and Taco Bell. Expect corpses to start piling up because this feud could get nasty in the streets. Many will parish. Bloodied chalupas scattered in the hood.

The lisp-riddled rapper is pissed at the Tex-Mex giant because the latter hoped he might consider temporarily changing his name to 79 Cent or 89 Cent or even – you ready for this shit? – 99 Cent to spearhead an unprecedented marketing campaign bringing hip hop and crappy Mexican food together at last.

Well, this clearly challenged a “gangsta’s” street cred, and now Curtis “Can’t Act” Jackson is seeking mad paper for trademark infringment. Ok. So this gangster ass rapper will embarrass himself on the big screen and pimp diluted vitamin piss water, but he’s worried that hawking tacos is going to diminish his reputation. Whatever you say. Stay hood, buddy.

50 Cent and his gangster ass homie

50 Cent and his gangster ass homie



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6 responses to “The spicy battle between 50 Cent and Taco Bell

  1. JL Nichols

    Doesn’t 50 know Taco Bells packing steel? HAHA.

  2. I.M. Fletcher

    you may be a little off base here WT. if your going to do a taco bell blog, you gotta talk about labron and those losers in cleveland that booed him for not taking the shot to get the fans a free chalupa. are people really still talking about 50?

  3. jmwinn

    I’ll tell you what, Fletch, those people in the rust belt need all the free chalupas they can get. I’d be pissed off, too.

    As for 50, I wouldn’ say people are still “talking” about him, because that would imply a certain level of respect and admiration. These days people just shit on the guy, as is the case here.

    I actually knew this scrub who used to carry a 50 Cent case around the college campus…XBox game inside, if my memory serves me right.

  4. I.M. Fletcher

    Let me see if Ive got this right. 50 Cent, the self-made millionaire, is a douche for turning himself into a brand, fuck the Detroit auto industry and the millions of middle class workers affected, and Elliot Spitzer has standards because he has to drop 5 large to get laid by an overpriced snitch of a whore? Can I get some of what your smokin, cause you MUST be high.

  5. jmwinn

    50 Cent is a douche – that goes without saying – no matter how much money he’s accumulated. You cannot buy your way out of douchebagdom.

    Yes, fuck the Detroit auto industry executives (not the workers) for putting their companies in the position to need a bailout by continuing to churn out huge SUVs and trucks while the market moved to fuel-efficient cars – which Japanese companies began embracing years ago.

    Eliot Spitzer is a scumbag, but his willingness to pay top dollar for a prostitute leads me to believe he fosters a greater appreciation for infidelities than the common adulterer. Go big, as they say.

    Smoking kills. But not all people. And not all things smoked are killers. Good day, Fletch.

  6. I.M. Fletcher

    Technology for alternative energy cars has been available since the Clinton administration. Electric and hydrogen powered cars could have been in much higher production than they are now, but there was an oil man that cut incentives for auto-makers to research green technologies. Why would you want your countries auto makers to make caras that use less gas when your family has made a fortune selling oil? That is how Bush made all that money right? And why not make V8 SUV if hot republican soccer moms are going to buy them. Maybe the bailout money would be better spent on bonus checks for bank CEOs.

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