Innocent turkey slaughtered – Best Sarah Palin interview yet

Considering the News…

My esteemed, albeit irrational and afflicted, colleague I.M. Fletcher brought this remarkable video to my attention. While I’m sure I would have stumbled across it in time, it brings me greater joy knowing this priceless entertainment came from such an appreciative source.  

Sarah Palin has endured seismic humiliation since slithering into the limelight, mostly due to her utter stupidity and mind-boggling ability to slaughter the English language with every sentence (or attempt at a sentence) she speaks.

While conducting a nice little local interview and sounding surprisingly more coherent and relevant than we are accustomed to hearing, the curious eye cannot help but gaze directly at the worker giving a turkey the business in the background. Which likely explains why this is the best performance offered hitherto by the Alaskan moosetress – your mind can’t process a word she says. All you can do is stare, mesmerized, as the poor turkey’s head is grinded brutally to a pulp in the distance.

The worker seems quite pleased with his own performance – and I commend him for it.


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7 responses to “Innocent turkey slaughtered – Best Sarah Palin interview yet

  1. I.M. Fletcher

    Your so right. She could be saying that she was going to bang all of Alaska and I would not have noticed because all I could wrap my mind around was the huckleberry in the background beheading Toms. What really is awesome is that the reporter asking her the questions asked her if she was cool with the background and she said “no worries”. How could she do something so retarded?

  2. noodleguy

    haha, poor Palin. I almost feel sorry for her. But I don’t.

    Actually, someone actually called me ‘sexist’ for thinking Palin is stupid. I retorted with “I’ll call anyone who can’t name the countries in North America dumb, whatever their gender, thank you.”

  3. I.M. Fletcher

    I will have you know I am no longer afflicted. I went to the doctor and he gave me some antibiotics and the sores went away.

  4. jmwinn

    Caught yourself a case of the affliction down in Mexico, did you?

  5. I.M. Fletcher

    Not Mexico Mr. Tonic, East Side Des Moines. If you ever find yourself in Des Moines I would recommend keeping to the west side. Not too far west though, you don’t want to get mixed up with those yokels in Waukee.

  6. all i can say is that palin’s publicist has once again found a way to plaster her phony ass on every network, website and blog across the hemisphere

  7. jmwinn

    Yes, Fu, that appears to be the strategy, an evil one which, if it pays off, could be the end of government competence as we know it. Critics often accuse Obama of being a splash in the pan politician, but he exudes competence nonetheless. Palin not so much. Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray, not Lincoln and Kennedy.

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