Hannity and Colmes part ways – No reports of violence

Considering the News…

Alan Colmes is leaving Sean Hannity. The relationship became too nasty and abusive for the limp Colmes to endure yet another year of savage beatings and taunts and black eyes, so he’s filing his papers and seeking some much needed psychiatric attention – a well deserved respite if I’ve ever seen one.

The 12-year marriage will officially dissolve at the year’s end, when Colmes leaves to “pursue other creative projects” within the Republican National Committee’s official network, Fox News. The loan liberal on a star studded station of neo-cons and Bushites will reportedly continue contributing on his radio show and a new weekend pilot, however, his days of verbal sparring with that smug and pretentious Hannity shall be no more.

Which is rather sad when you reminisce on all the good times they’ve had, launching vicious attacks at one another’s party ideology and coming close to blows on numerous occasions. Colmes was vastly outnumbered, the entire network against him, yet somehow managed to hold his own. Thus I’m saddened by the thought of him leaving the show without ever having jammed a dull, lead pencil into Hannity’s right eye.

Too many opportunities escaped him, and I clearly recall at least 300 moments of unbridled Hannity condescension when I said, “This is it, this is when that little pussy Colmes finally stabs that cock Hannity in the goddamn eye with a dull, lead pencil. This is it!”

But it never happened. And now Colmes is calling it quits while turning in his badge and pocket protector.


Hannity gets in a final blow on Colmes

Hannity gets in a final blow on Colmes


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6 responses to “Hannity and Colmes part ways – No reports of violence

  1. Barbara Studer

    Good for Colmes, althought I have a hard time believing it took him a whole 12 years to realize how big of a jerk Hannity is.

  2. Mike

    At least the guy is still going to be on FOX. He could have moved to MSNBC and ended up with 1/10th of the viewers he has now on Hannity.

  3. jmwinn

    Yeah, Mike, not to mention Colmes’ voice would be lost amongst the identical static dominating MSNBC’s coverage. Good move all around.

  4. I.M. Fletcher

    Mike, Im pretty sure MSNBC dominated FOX pre-election. Maddow and Olberman pounded O’Rielly in the ass during election coverage. And anybody that doesnt see right through the charade that was Hannity and Colmes is a retard. Reminds me of that shit-fucking-show Around the Horn. Heres an idea for a show- get 2 guys together and ask them how much you have to pay them to disagree with each other.

  5. jonathan

    Fianally some good news from FOX… Maybe FOX will find a real liberal with balls to replace Colmes… It would be nice to see someone stand up to Hannity and put that bitch in his place. For too long that show has lost any credibility with me because they portrayed the liberal as a weak pussy who can’t stand up for himself. No wander why there are some many shitheads out there thinking liberals are like little girls… Colmes was their only example.

  6. Bea

    All you foul-mouthed, uneducated liberals are unable to come up with eloquent dialogue and resort to obscenities. Clearly you all cannot make your point without using obscenities — So typical of liberals. It is obvious that your intelligence is as doltish as your opinions.

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