China hates on Guns N’ Roses – Americans applaud China

Considering the News…

The ruling Communist Party of China has a thorn up its ass, and it goes by the name Guns N’ Roses. We should then expect some form of attack, for one is surely imminent. Not an attack on America as a whole, but specifically that greasy bandanna-rocking clown Axl…I imagine Slash is under siege just the same.

GNR’s highly-anticipated album Chinese Democracy is just too free spirited for the paranoid erectors of mysterious walls, as the state sponsored Global Times denounced the mildly provocative album of, “venomously attacking,” the rising superpower.

Thus record sales of the 14-year project (GNR began production of the sure-fire classic in 1994) will suffer to no end in China…mostly because it will be outlawed…but also because the Chinese aren’t stupid.

Communism must fry a black, charred trail through the vulnerable pastures of one’s mind, but I suspect the perceptions of reality are not so devastated and damaged to the point its victims are forever incapable of classifying shitty music when they hear it.

So while it’s imperative we commend the Chinese government for rejecting this lame musical offering from society, I fear the move was quite unnecessary – no matter how many democratically inspired lyrics grace the album’s songs, freedom lyrics aren’t saving this album, or band, either way.

Axl scares the Chinese...among others

Axl scares the Chinese...among others


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5 responses to “China hates on Guns N’ Roses – Americans applaud China

  1. I.M. Fletcher

    Awesome, first comment.

    Anybody that doesnt hate Guns and Roses is a loser.

  2. BB

    To I.M. Fletcher:

    Are you really so insecure as to feel threatened by GNR? I mean, really…
    You may not like the music, but you’re an idiot for the remark you made stating “anybody that doesn’t hate Guns n Roses is a loser”.
    For example:
    I hate mustard. Would it make sense for me to say “anybody who doesn’t hate mustard is a loser”? I was never a GNR fan, but I must admit this new album is better than most of the music that’s coming out these days. I love this album. I’m a very successful person in both my career and my personal life. I can only assume that I’m more successful than you, considering my degree of success. Therefore, since I’m NOT a loser and I love the new GNR album, I’m willing to bet that you ARE a loser and that your words are only to support yourself and other losers who hate GNR. Get a life and stop insulting other people’s creative vision. It only shows what a jealous and envious person you are. Why else would you care so much as to make such a statement? I think Axl needs to give you some of his meds. Get your head checked. Good day to you.

  3. Alex Rochon

    I absolutely hated GnR. I cannot stand a single track on Appetite for Destruction, or any of their albums afterwards, for that matter, and whenever I see Slash, his stupid tattoos and his fucking top hat, I want to punch him in his smug little mouth and knock out all his teeth.

    HAVING SAID THAT, Chinese Democracy isn’t as horrible as their other material. Some of the tracks, such as the title, and I.R.S. are actually vaguely tolerable. This is the best GnR record I have ever heard… And that’s sad.

  4. JT

    I like guns n roses, i think that they do great music and that axl is the best singer/song writer EVER….and i think losers like I.M FLETCHER is just stupid if he actually looks for guns n roses things to comment …….IF U DON`T LIKE THE BAND THEN WHY THE HELL DO U EVEN CARE -.-

  5. MacNarrowland

    Guns n´ Roses is great, real Rock ´N Roll, even Chinese Democracy.

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