Love him or hate him, Karl Rove has a point

Considering the News…

A lot of people hate that Karl Rove. They hate him for getting George W. Bush elected. They hate him for nearly succeeding in his devious quest for everlasting conservative rule. They hate him because his wobbly chin(s) just tend to piss people off.

He’s been called ruthless, conniving, underhanded, surreptitious, heartless, and I’m sure even a pole-smoking SOB.

Yet what political mastermind achieves such notoriety without boasting a few of these unsavory traits? Love and warmth seldom imbue the hearts of iconic political strategist, especially those like Rove who consider every angle of character assassination…Like freaking out a bunch of rednecks by insinuating a certain candidate may or may not have an illegitimate child with a black woman, in much the same way Rove and Bush infamously did to John McCain in South Carolina during the 2000 Republican primaries.

Yes, a lot of folks despise that Rove. Wish evil things upon him. Google things like “Hitman for hire” because of him. However, for good or ill, mostly ill, Karl Rove knows politics. He also knows just how much money plays in any given election.

Inspired by the Obama campaign fundraising juggernaut, Rove penned this Op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, where he is a regularly contributor. Essentially, Rove argues that McCain was a victim of his own sword, as the 2002 campaign finance reform he spearheaded with Sen. Russ Feingold ultimately swung back around and sliced off his own manhood during the battle against Barack.

Thus Rove now advocates complete “Freedom of Political Speech” in regards to campaign donations, meaning he wants to give rich Republican donors the opportunity to buy elections, like back in the good old days.

In years past, this idiocy would have warranted an immediate condemnation from this writer, standing behind the pure democratic thought that money should play little to no factor in elections.

Having now considered the many reports of citizens like Bart Simpson and Darth Vader donating to Obama’s campaign via pre-paid debit cards, I concede the issue must be readdressed. I concede that pole-smoking SOB, Karl Rove, might just have a point.


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4 responses to “Love him or hate him, Karl Rove has a point

  1. Obama '12

    Everyone hates what role money plays in politics until your favored candidate is the one sweeping in the dough. This election I turned my iPod up and looked the other way.

  2. Pool Fool

    I’m of the “hate him” variety. We do need a complete campaign finance overhaul though.

  3. as the rove man’s own personal frankenstein leaves office with the nation resembling a steaming pile of shit he has the audacity to publish this crap?
    entire segments of the country are teetering on the brink of economic collapse and instead of some thoughtful insight on just what went wrong and how to fix it, he is bitching about campaign finance law twisting the election.
    these people just don’t get it. go back to texas with bush and bitch to your buddies at the country club
    about what is left of your precious republican majority.
    the rest of us will try to save what is left of the country as we know it.

  4. jmwinn

    I agree with you there, Fu. Rove’s doing what he’s always done best – diverting people’s attention from the serious issues of the time.

    That said, Rove’s political value to that scoundrel Bush was always as a cutthroat strategist in campaigns, not so much as an every tactician in Bush’s quest to run the country into the ground.

    Either way, Rove’s bound to get what’s inevitably coming to him, and he won’t have any cronies in office to bail him out.

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