The Juice faces 6 years to life – The squeeze is on

Considering the News…

O.J. can set the golf clubs down and grab a trash pick, because the only greens he’ll be seeing for awhile will be roadside ditch weeds as he stabs at McDonald’s sacks  in his neon orange vest.

Yes sir, the Juice is finally doing time. Six years to life, in fact. Should be brutal. Especially as he sits in his unfinished cell block trying to wrap his meager mind around the bewildering fact a man can actually do hard time for stealing his own shit. Simply dumbfounding, I know, Juice.

But all the glitter isn’t gold, as they say, and the sparks around O.J. Simpson’s once glorified life have faded faster than the 2008 Buffalo Bills.

Perhaps the Juice will use this opportunity to establish a new state of mind, one that doesn’t take orbit around his own greed and self-centered ambitions, one where ex-lovers become friends and fans find equal ground with stars.

Maybe he’ll find Jesus. Maybe he’ll find Allah. Maybe he’ll find Tito the lovely body builder from cell block 9.

Not sure. Nor do I care. The glove fit this time and they used it to keep hands clean while squeezing the freedom juice from Simpson’s fantasy world. Ain’t life grand, that so many can find peace and joy in the unnecessary sorrows of such a confused soul.




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5 responses to “The Juice faces 6 years to life – The squeeze is on

  1. Kato K

    Its about bloody time (pun intended of course).

  2. Young Star

    The Juice ain’t loose no more

  3. the man ran for 2000 yards in a 14 game season while playing for a shitty team and was roid free; say what you will, but the juice was one badass MF back in the day

  4. bmorgan

    The man got away w/murder….why is he put away now??? No, that does not sound like no “bad ass MF” to me….LMAO

  5. ron ma conn

    im so happy hes in jail, my mam said when he got away with murder that someday hel be in a cage like the rat he is, fairplay to my ma she was spot on. the only 200 yards hel be running is in the yard away 4m the guy in cell 666 called hairy harry who wants to get to know him ina jentle way(an loveing) the glove fits now simson,,enjoy ur long holidays you murdering bastard, time i went 4 a cool beer down m local,lifes good,cheers
    ron ma conn

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