Concerning Winn & Tonic

“Truth is what you can get people to believe.”

Robert F. Boyle said this while receiving the Lifetime Achievement award at the 2008 Academy Awards. Perhaps this was not the exact quote. Perhaps he said nothing of the matter at all. But maybe he did.

Thus Winn & Tonic was created for that very purpose – to explore what untruths could be derived from that reported as absolute truth.

Having survived the perils of working in both broadcast and print media – as well as state government – I now relish the art of penning farcical tales of those running the mainstream media gauntlet.

I invite you to let me know your thoughts, your story, your drink. Have a news story you would like to see Corrupted? Send me a link. Be the boss.

Either way, thanks for taking the time to enjoy Winn & Tonic – an unnecessary source of humorous absurdities.

Editor’s Disclaimer: Any story leading with “Corrupting the News…” is patently false. I made the whole thing up. Well, not the whole thing, but certain elements. If you can’t distinguish the truth from the fiction, that’s no problem of mine.

5 responses to “Concerning Winn & Tonic

  1. My thoughts: I do love the internet – just stumbled across to you. Thanks for such fun!

    My story: retired banker (thank goodness!) turned dress maker/designer ‘QRubini’ –

    My drink: as a Floridian, I must be seasonal so, my drink is a cold Beck’s beer in the heat and a solid full red wine in the cold!

  2. jmwinn

    Well, I’ll be damned, Maureen, you’re the first person to share their history and drink with me. Hopefully you prove to be a trend-setter.

    I suppose I should share my own drink…When it’s not a good beer (or twelve), I’ve been known to enjoy a Tanqueray and tonic, or a little Wild Turkey.

  3. Wylie

    Greetings, Winn & Tonic!

    My name (as listed above) is Wylie Vincent, and I’m a college student currently living in the Portland suburb Cedar Mill.

    My favorite drink is Seven & Seven, but I also love white wine.

    Thanks for the laughs, W&T!

  4. JL Nichols

    Love your words Winn & Tonic.

    Story: I’m an old “young one” from Virginia to put it best.

    Drink: Addicted to Dewar’s scotch whiskey and always will be.

    Thanks again for the read.

  5. Irwin Fletcher

    You already know me WT. Classic underachiever. Skeptical smartass. Drink: Miller lite and Tequila Patron. or whatever is cheap.

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