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On again, off again – the Clinton-Obama power saga

Considering the news…

These two clowns are worse than Whitney and Bobby Brown. One day they’re cuddling on the campaign trail, unforced smiles and waves for the camera, only to abandon the bond 36 hours later, projecting fictitious distance and autonomy while confusing the shit out of people.

Which is what makes this Clinton-Obama political love affair and political warfare so addicting for everyone watching – even more so for the enamored fiends who have followed this combative grudge match through each fiery day of the last two years. This is Ali-Frazier, except now archenemies are teaming up for the good of mankind…or so it seems.hillary-clinton-barack-obama-new-hampshire

Barack needs the Clintons and the Clintons need him, but I’ll be damned if any of them openly admits as much. When the situation requires one of them to suck it up and offer an endorsement of sorts, such lines are visibly forced from their mouths, a look of contempt and agitation dominates their eyes and expression.

Thus there are some parts admiration and some parts hatred in this ongoing feud, with the latter winning out most times. Especially now that Barack is offering Clinton a piece of the action in his race to history.  

Hillary knows 2016 is a painful and impossible dream, so accepting Barack’s Secretary of State invitation is her last and best shot at some feable grasp of glory. Her downplaying the position, posing an auro of pseudo-disinterest and snobby foolishness, is a farmer selling a dead donkey as a prized bull because no one’s buying that shit. She just wants it to seem as though Barack needs her more, like he’s pining for her love and affection, like she’s that piece of Grade-A ass he got back in college and has been fantasizing about everyday since.

And he is. He desires the most talented minds to be in his company – yet sometimes prodigious minds bring a circus of tricks and jokers along with them on tour. With Hillary on board, Barack’s mission  will be to continually convince everyone he’s, in fact, the almighty ring leader and that some gross mutation won’t spawn a third Clinton term somehow.

By inviting Hillary (and thus Slick Willie) into the administration, Obama realizes the power sacrifice he’s conceding – he’s far too strategic and observant not to. However, by letting this offer flutter in the stale air of cable news commentary for the past week, Obama has once again turned the attention away from himself and onto the Clintons, the kind of maneuver that ultimately seized momentum toward winning the nomination, when media personalities lodged their heads in the trash and spent a week questioning Bill’s admiration for candidates of color, forgetting there was even a blasted race going on in the background.

And it’s a brilliant diversion on Barack’s part. There’s a feel that he wants Hillary but doesn’t need Hillary. The way it should be, for it takes a trailer park of great people for an administration to succeed in the eyes of present day thinkers. Historians, on the other hand, generally remember only one name when writing the books of presidential blunders and glories. No matter what happens, Barack better make sure it’s his name on the cover.

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Sarah Palin Shopping Spree – News or Poor Judgment?

Considering the News…

So Sarah Palin likes nice clothes. Really nice clothes. What woman doesn’t?

The recent disclosure of the Republican National Committee’s $150K spent on campaign accessories (read Palin’s flashy outfits) has made a lot of jaws hurt, but it really isn’t that big of a deal. It shouldn’t be a topic at all. Politicians should look good. Give the crowd something to look at. Feel good about.

But it is a story. Especially considering the fiery sack of shit that is our current economy.

Hillary Clinton had $3,000 haircuts. John Edwards got his ears lowered $400 at a time. John McCain does is stumping two-step in $600 leather shoes. Barack Obama rocks Burberry – shit ain’t cheap.

So why doesn’t Palin get a pass? How can she be simultaneously lauded for her chic fashion sense and morally condemned for her chic fashion sense?

Because hockey moms aren’t supposed to wear $10k outfits. It just doesn’t make any damn sense. Wayne Gretzky’s mom maybe, but not your average rink-side bulldog cheering on her son’s 15-year-old AAU team.

Her authenticity falters. Her speeches about helping put food on the table and gas in the tank become condescending. Who can believe a woman shares your daily financial struggles when you know her leather boots are worth more than your weekly pay check.

But it’s no fault of hers. The McCain camp gave her the VISA card and what reasonable human being wouldn’t drop $49,425.74 at Saks Fifth Avenue? I’d be all over it. Never even been to Saks Fifth Avenue, but I’m intrigued by any clothing store where one can blow 50 grand without buying the same item twice.

Now McCain will suffer for this blank check. He took his prized hockey mom from Alaska, gave her a million-dollar makeover, and is left not with a perfect running mate, but exactly what he’s allegedly campaiging against – a spoiled Washington insider. This one just happens to be from Alaska.

(Author’s Note: I fully understand this expensive clothing will be donated to charity after the campaign. However, it makes little difference politically. The damage has been done.)


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Clinton supporters go agnostic…Obama goes crazy

For the record, don’t fuck with Hillary Clinton supporters. They’re tough folks. More brutal than a 3-inch heel in the groin.

Even Barack Obama has realized as much.

It’s not that he doesn’t want/need their support – he’s just scared shitless of them. To the point it’s looking increasingly like he has a better chance of recruiting three-quarters of Joel Osteen’s followers than he does one-half of Hillary’s.

It’s ridiculous. Farcical. Doesn’t make any damn sense. But that’s politics.

People are stubborn. Set in their ways. They eat vanilla because they like vanilla. No need for chocolate. No need for strawberries. No need for change. No new positions just because the kids are off at your mother’s.

And thus Barack has made NO headway on Clintonites since she packed in the season and conceded. None. None? How’s that freaking possible?

58 percent of Hillary supporters said they would back Barack in June.

58 percent of Hillary supporters say they will back Barack today.

Yet McCain’s support amongst Hillarians has climbed to 28 percent from 21 in that same time frame.

What in god’s name gives here?

Are they really that pissed off? Are they still clinging to cries of “sexism” and “misogyny” like small-town hicks cling to guns and religion? Is it really a black-white thing? Has the whole political universe gone crazy!

Unfortunately, it appears so. Hillarians agree with Barack on Iraq, abortion, eliminating tax cuts to the ostentatious swine on Wall Street and the oil barons in Texas – they just don’t agree with Barack.

They don’t like him. Don’t trust him. Don’t think he’s experienced…They think he’s a fraud.

And they’re willing to risk the whole election on this childish grudge. Third graders do this shit, not suffering Americans in desperate need of an alternative direction. Never mind the country’s economy and global standing sinking faster than a turd in an empty bucket…that bastard stole the election from us, so we’re going to snatch it from him!

That’s what going on here. That’s the skinny in a fucking nutshell. You can take that charge to the bank and stamp it with red lipstick and fit it for a dress suit.

And I have no qualms with it. Screw it. I might even enjoy it in some sick and sadistic way.

When McCain’s getting his jaw re-adjusted because the thing snapped as he laughed his ass off into the White House, I’ll call every Hillary supporter I know and say: You see what the hell you’ve done. Do you see what the hell you’ve done? There stick your nose in it. Stick your nose in it!

Tails between legs for four more years. Hell, they might as well give ’em eight. Lord knows Democrats don’t want the stinking White House back. Not when they’re too busy organizing “All Girls” and “All Boys” clubs in their tree houses.

Somewhere McCain is smiling. Somewhere Palin is getting fitted for a new line of vice-presidential dresses. Somewhere Hillary Clinton is stumping for Barack Obama, thinking that 2012 really isn’t that far away.

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